Megyeri Csárda

As early as the ancient times there was a thoroughfare by the area where this tavern was built. Relics of the excavations go to show at one time this area was a part of Roman "LIMES".There were bulwarks here and a watch-tower as well.

According to written relics of the 15th century the territory of Megyer has been belonging to Vác as a chapter possession. From 1695 after the Turkish menace it was taken over to Újfalusi János. Presumably about that time a kind of tavern building was built here. From the 19th century New Megyer was an entailed estate of count Károlyi. On this land the viniculture was highly dveloped.

A stable and an inn were attached to the main building int he 18th, 19th century. The arches of the doors and windows which are facing the Danube and attached to the destroyed annex are still seen.

Farmers who came from the north part of Hungary and went to the direction of Pest have arrived at the northern gate of the tavern. They had some rest and then walked on through the southern gate toward Pest. The interesting bequest of the brigandage says the farmers who turned into the tavern have left not only their money and pretty wives there but sometimes even their lives.

In 1918 count Károlyi has put this tavern and some other properties at the factory's disposal, named Egyesült Izzó for sale.
The well-known MEGYERI tavern was renovated in this year.


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