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3 hours Jewish Quarter tour (visiting Dohány Street Synagogue)

  • The streets of District VII closest to the city centre have been home to the religious centres of Orthodox Jews of Budapest since the 19th century. This includes the synagogues in Dohány utca (the second largest in Europe), Rumbach Sebestyén utca and Kazinczy utca. In November 1944, the area between Király utca, Kertész utca, Dohány utca and Károly körút was delineated as the Jewish Ghetto, which segregated tens of thousands of Jews, many then sent to concentration camps. Brave actions on the part of diplomats Raoul Wallenberg, Giorgio Perlasca and Swedish embassy employee Károly Szabó helped save the lives of several thousand who remained, up until the Liberation of Budapest in January 1945.

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